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My name is Kellie Johnson. I am a glitter obsessed, morning sun lover. I am a truth-seeker, puzzle master and self-proclaimed detective. After watching countless hours of murder mysteries (Psych being my favorite), I have found my true calling of solving clues and riddles in the body and psyche. I am a licensed massage therapist eleven years in the running, body code practitioner and belief breakthrough specialist. My most important titles in this life are Wife and Mother. I have a deep love for God and it is this connection and source of strength that fuels me.


Body Code 

Find the underlying cause to the issue that has been bothering you for far too long and eliminate it.

Belief Breakthrough

Identify the limiting beliefs holding you back and anchor in new empowering beliefs. 


Anything from relaxing to

deep tissue. Get the massage that fits your body's needs. 



I remember driving down the road one day expressing my beliefs to my husband that if our bodies could ONLY communicate with us we’d be able to understand pain and know how to shift out of it. We’d be able to help certain areas of our body feel whole and healthy again. If only we could just ask the body!


And then I learned about The Body Code.


Using muscle testing, you can identify the underlying imbalances creating certain symptoms in your life. When those imbalances are gone, there is no need for the symptom to show up anymore and you get to experience freedom from that imbalance.


Find out what is causing your chronic issues today! Let’s work together to eliminate them. 

*This is a modality that can be done over the phone. 

What people are saying

My family members make huge leaps forward after a Body Code session with Kellie. When my kids work with her, they are more relaxed and confident. When our family is "up to date" on sessions, there is a greater sense of peace in our house. Kellie has the ability to tap into painful spots and generate profound forward movement. The trustworthiness Kellie demonstrates is beyond anything I've ever experienced. She will also call me out when it's needed which tells me she isn't just trying to make me "feel good." She is worth so much to me and my family. -Amy Sullivan


There is a statue of Buddha in Thailand that was covered in clay and plaster for centuries. When the monastery was forced to relocate, the move was shocking to the statue and it started to crack and crumble.


One of the monks was inspecting the cracks when he noticed something shining back at him. He chipped away at the covering to discover a pure gold statue.  They found that it had been covered as a protective measure against an invasion. Then for hundreds of years the statue stayed covered in a lesser magnificence than what it really had to offer. 

There is a golden buddha inside you. It is pure, sparkling and magnificent. Can you feel it? Have you covered it to protect yourself from fear, self-doubt, guilt, labels or negative self-talk? Do you even remember the sparkling, magnificent “buddha” inside you? 


That child-like wonder, awe, excitement and zest for life is still in you. It’s begging you to reconnect and reclaim the brilliance of who you are. 


I sometimes wonder if we think of ourselves as the golden buddha in reverse. We paint a pretty picture of our life for others to see when secretly we’re hiding and miserable inside.


Let me help you unify your vision of how you want others to see you and how you see yourself.


Belief Breakthrough is a powerful tool that helps you shed your limiting beliefs and negative self talk and step into a powerful version of who you are.


*This is a modality that can be done over the phone.  


I have been working with Kellie for several years now and have been able to make remarkable changes in my life through belief breakthrough. Many of my beliefs stemmed from early childhood experiences and seemed so deeply rooted I wondered if they could really be altered. THEY CAN!! Even beliefs that were 50 years old have been replaced by healthy and accurate beliefs that are consistent with my core values. Belief Breakthrough has been life altering!  -Denise Ferrin 



Massage Therapy has been my passion for over a decade. I can still remember the thrill and excitement  giving my first full-body massage. It felt like I had found my home and my calling. 

When people ask me what kind of massage I specialize in, I have a really hard time knowing what to say! Basically, I take swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and energy work and blend them all together to create an experience your body won't forget.


There is a sweet spot in massage where you can start to feel the  muscles pushing back against your hands. Sometimes really light pressure is all it takes and other times it takes the full pressure an elbow has to offer-- of course, always honoring the depth you, as my client, like to receive. When that sweet spot is found, your body relaxes and pain melts away. 


My goal with massage is to provide relaxation, progression and alignment for my clients.

Currently not scheduling massages due to covid-19

WOW...not even kidding, one of the best massage therapists I've ever been to (and I've been to about 40). I've paid $300 for an hour long massage that wasn't half as good as Kellie. Nothing but amazing things to say about her. Professional, kind and sooooo worth it!! I've sent tons of people to her and every single one has had the same exact experience. Top notch. -Zack Oates



Spanish Fork, UT 84660

Tel: (307)679-7080

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