Massage Therapy

True Relief


For massages, time is actual hands on time. Please give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes for getting dressed and payment. Example: If you get a 90 minute massage, please plan on a total of 100-105 minutes.

60 minutes        $60
90 minutes        $85
120 minutes      $110

Buy 5 of the same amount of time up front and receive $50 off.

Types of massages offered are: Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Massage Add-Ons

Hot Towels (Included in every massage)

Deep Tissue                                      $0

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on areas of pain and chronic tension. It is beneficial in releasing the connective tissue surrounding the targeted area to provide relief and, in some cases, postural correction. Deep Tissue can help alleviate shoulder issues, back pain and aids in the correction of imbalances such as scoliosis. 

Therapeutic Essential Oils                 $10

DoTERRA’s Certified Therapeutic Grade Oils are an effective way of addressing physical and emotional needs in a targeted area. Muscle testing is used to determine what specific oil is used for your areas of stress or tension. This technique helps your muscles release quicker and more effectively than massage on its own. 

Emotional Release                            $10

Blending multiple forms of Energy Techniques, Muscle Testing is used to determine what emotional imbalance has been created in your body. Once the emotion is addressed, essential oils, magnetic clearing or other techniques may be used to release the buried emotion providing you with freedom from past experiences. This technique can create breakthroughs in why you have that “one area” that never seems to get better. 

Muscle Testing                                
   $20/15 minutes

Muscle Testing is a technique used to access the deep subconscious mind and information stored there. The body will respond to yes/no true/false statements responding in a strong or weak fashion. With permission from the client, this can be done in person or over the phone. 

  FREE over the phone (max of 20 minutes)

If you have questions about what the best route would be for you to restore your health and wellness, feel free to call, email, or text me. 

Emotion Code Session

30 minutes  - $35

Buy 5 sessions up front for $150.

***Gift Cards and Bundle Prices are also available as specials. Please contact me for further information on what deals I currently have going.***

*Prices Subject to Change