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It's about being personal

The best form of a compliment is through a referral, and that only happens when something is done right, the first time and every time. I don't just expect people to come back to me, I make sure to meet your needs so you want to come back and you want to bring someone with you.

My goal is to get you taken care of as quick as possible. The quicker you get healing and better, the quicker I can help someone else on their path to doing the same thing. I do the best I can to get you feeling the best you can in a timely manner.

I’m Kellie Johnson and I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2009. My specialty has always been deep tissue massage and doing everything I know how to help people feel improvement and relief. My work experience includes Natural Balance Massage and Spa, Massage Envy, Timpanogos Chiropractic, Ohana Chiropractic, and now my own private business True Relief Massage Therapy.  Recently, I have introduced energy techniques into my practice as I’ve found the amazing benefits they have to offer for, literally, true relief. I am passionate about what I do! Many people ask me what my hobbies are and my response will always be “Spending time with my family, my business, and helping people heal.”

It's about doing it right

At True Relief my number one priority is making sure that I take care of my clients. I do all that I can from making sure my prices are affordable and competitive, to doing my best to accommodate your schedule. On top of that, I specialize in many different techniques to be able to do the work that best suits you to get you feeling 100% again and on with your day.

As a one person business, you, the client, get something that is hard to find anywhere else, and that is it's all personal. I do the scheduling, the massaging, the billing, the befriending and much more. My clients aren't just clients, they are friends. 

It's about getting it done